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Joustra, Sporting Machine in Tin Chrome Lithographed with Friction Operation

Joustra, Sporting Machine in Tin Chrome Lithographed with Friction Operation

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Vintage Toys, tin sports car with pilot, clutch operation. Tin chromium litographed, years 1950 1960 around, under good conditions and perfectly working. Made in France

The Joustra company, contraction of JOUetdeSTRAsbourg, was founded in Strasbourg by brothers Paul and André Kosmann in 1934, which they wanted to offer their customers toys produced in France,so that their customers would not be charged the heavy import taxes in force at that time on German toys already sold by the Kosmann brothers because they were considered the best toys in the world. Paul and André Kosmann thus employed a young and experienced expert in the field who had worked for the main German toy manufacturers, companies of Nuremberg, home of the first "modern" toys with a large diffusion, and the models produced by Joustra were immediately appreciated by French customers and not only. After World War II with the introduction of then-revolutionary models, the Joustra was even banned from the Nuremberg Toy Fair and became Europe’s largest toy manufacturer. The model that most of all revolutionized the 50s tin toys was the "voiture miracle" Joustra 2002, exactly like the red model, while the green model was made before the "miracle car" range.

Length 28cm 

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