"From History with Passion"

Who am I and what do I do? Easy to think hard to find the right words, I try. to it.

Francesco Raggi class 1978 for half of Abruzzo, the mother, half of Romagna, the father, are always been surrounded, first of all, by the Passion for the "motur", beyond that from cars, motorcycles and trucks, a family passion that today represents the third generation.

Since I was a child I attended motorsport events thanks to my paternal grandfather from Forlì DOC, lover of cars and in particular of races, but, above all, my passion is linked to that of my father, a great enthusiast and collector of cars, from the most famous and famous to the strangest and unknown.

In 2021 after spending about 20 years in the automotive world working for major companies in the commercial vehicle sector and after the premature My father’s disappearance, by reworking old documents and photographs reawakened again that deep passion for the automotive world that has given birth to the project that I am carrying out.

Raggi’s Collectibles' Automotive Art

is not a simple collectible store,

Raggi’s Collectibles' Automotive Art

beyond the appearances of a simple object, it is the set of


Passion, Knowledge and Desire to Know

The items that can be purchased in the store are ambassadors of stories, rediscovered useful to reconstruct the past, glorious or not of what they hand down. Searching of their stories is devoted a lot of time and sacrifice and is used its own archive made of books, personal knowledge and people close to me and yes, alas, sometimes of the network.

I apologize in advance if in some historical reconstruction there will be errors, inaccuracies or omissions and for this I am welcome to open constructive comparisons that lead to the exact historical reconstruction.

Raggi’s Collectibles’ Automotive Art “From History with Passion” –