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Shanghai Toys

Shanghai Car Open Car, Vintage Toys Battery-powered tin car with lights and horn, fully functional

Shanghai Car Open Car, Vintage Toys Battery-powered tin car with lights and horn, fully functional

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Shanghai Car Open Car, Vintage Toys battery-powered tin car with lights and horn, fully functional and with original box. Approximately 1950s / 1960s.

Play and toys have always been present in human life, from an early age with play we are able to develop some of our abilities, cognitive and creative ones. The first toys we know of date back both to the Ancient Egyptian period where they were made of wood, stone or porcelain and to Ancient Rome where the toys were made of clay and terracotta, and today it is hardly possible to find intact toys from this period. Some historians believe that the first "commercial production" of toys occurred in Germany in the fifteenth century, with the specialization mainly in the production of dolls and in the production of other toys in use at that time, such as, for example, wooden spinning tops, hula hoop, iron and wooden toy soldiers and wooden rocking horses. In the following centuries, the development of toys was very slow, in fact, the first real evolution of the sector took place only towards the end of the 20th century thanks to the availability of new technologies, such as industrial design and production which allowed the creation of toys today they are considered collectors items, some of them very rare and sought after. Tin games, on the other hand, were very fashionable between 1800 and 1900 made of lithographed chrome tin, exactly like the Shanghai Open Car model car.

Perfect general condition, battery compartment like new, very light signs of wear as clearly visible in the photos

Complete with original box

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