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Rolls-Royce, Original Crest with Black Letters, Modern, Small

Rolls-Royce, Original Crest with Black Letters, Modern, Small

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Rolls-Royce, original modern era crest with screw lock, mounted on British cars produced between the 80s and 90s.

Rolls-Royce Ltd. officially founded in 1906 by the aristocrat Hon. Charles Rolls and the engineer Sir. Henry Royce, was actually born on May 4, 1904 when Rolls & Royce reached an agreement, the first would be in charge of sales and the second of the design and construction of cars. An agreement that soon led to the creation of the car which in a short time was defined as the best car in the world and, from the very beginning, used the red color for the emblem. In 1933 the company decided to change the color of the coat of arms to black as a sign of mourning for the death of Sir. Henry Royce, as reported by various official sources and no. However, few know that equally official documents and testimonies reveal another reason behind the change in color and that Royce's death was the pretext to accelerate a change already decided before the death of one of the founders. The reason for the color change was purely a purely aesthetic matter because the red did not match the colors of the Rolls-Royce cars required by their owners. Black was chosen, the color that best matches most of the other colors.
Used, in like new condition. Original.

Dimensions Height / Width 5 / 2.5 cm approximately

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