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Rolls-Royce, Matchbox of Atlantic Challenge Cup 1997, New York Yatch Club

Rolls-Royce, Matchbox of Atlantic Challenge Cup 1997, New York Yatch Club

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Rolls-Royce, matchbox with logo of the English car manufacturer, logo of the "Atlantic Challenge Cup" sailing regatta organized by the New York Yatch Club in 1997.

The "Atlantic Challenge Cup" is a regatta for sailing boats organized to celebrate the historic feat of the "Atlantic" schooner helmed by Charlie Barr who, with a time of 12 days and 4 hours, set the transoceanic crossing record from Sandy Hook, New Jersey (USA) to The Lizard (Cornwall, England), during the "Kaiser Cup" of 1905. The Atlantic, commissioned by a NYYC member, was launched in 1903 it was long 70m about and it had three masts and, despite being was designed and built to compete with the best racing boats of the time, unlike the latter, it was equipped with all comforts such as electricity, refrigerators, double and triple cabins, three bathrooms, dining room, a large hall, billiard room and an ingenious heating system with retractable under deck fireplaces, as well as being able to accommodate the 39 crew members. The Atlantic was later bought by the US Navy and, after serving the Nation, it was resold before being scrapped in 1982.

Box and matches in perfect condition, with no signs of aging, wear and / or use.

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