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Rolls-Royce, Brass Belt Buckle with Springfield Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Rolls-Royce, Brass Belt Buckle with Springfield Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

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Rolls-Royce, brass belt buckle embossed with a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and with reference to the glorious treacherous American production history of Rolls-Royce automobiles.

In the history of the Rolls-Royce Ltd, the United States of America have always played an important role in the history of the British car manufacturer and for some of its very "Special" cars called "Springfield Rolls-Royce". Claude Johnson, the real "Business Man" of Rolls-Royce Ltd. immediately sensed that the US car market was very important for sales and, in 1906 he decided that Rolls-Royce would take part in motor racing in America and would exhibited their cars at the "New York Auto Show". Charles Rolls with T.O. Smith, the mechanic Reginald Macready and three Rolls-Royces 30HP sailed from Liverpool to New York and then participated in the "Empire City Track" where he finished second. The US "expedition" was a success and all the cars were sold, but the times were not ripe for opening a factory, times matured in 1919 when Claude Johnson decided to open the first American factory and, two years later, in 1921 the Springfield factory produced the first Springfield Rolls-Royce cars, yes Rolls-Royce, but different in components and above all in the bodywork and finishings from the English sisters. The Springfield factory produced 2994 Rolls-Royce Phantom I before closing together with Rolls-Royce of America in 1931.

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