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Rolls-Royce and Bentley, Crewe Factory Cherry Wood Box

Rolls-Royce and Bentley, Crewe Factory Cherry Wood Box

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Rolls-Royce and Bentley, cherry wood box produced in the 1950-1960s by the English company "The Nottingham Mills Company LTD" (NMC) used in the Rolls-Royce & Bentley factory in Crewe until the 1980s.

The historic Crewe factory, now owned by Bentley, was opened in 1938 when, in anticipation of the outbreak of World War II, Rolls-Royce Ltd. with the help of the British government identified the site of "Pyms Lane" as the ideal place to build a "Shadow Factory" to continue the development of aircraft engines. After the end of the World War, the Crewe plant was fully converted to car production and, in 1946, the first car produced, the Bentley Mark VI, came out of the factory. The first car entirely designed, developed and built in Crewe was the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud or Bentley S1. Since its opening, the Pyms Lane factory, the street where it is located, is still active and thanks to various modernizations, today it designs, develops and manufactures Bentley cars.

The box in a fantastic cherry red color, bears the inscription "Rolls-Royce Ltd." and "Tools Store" on the long sides, while the logo of the NMC manufacturer is printed on one short side, while on the other there is a label bearing the code "UE.5183 / 4". The box is accompanied by an additional label containing some information that allows us to establish, with extreme certainty, that the box was used in the Crewe factory in 1982. The label, model "Card System 1 cod. 703215", in fact, it shows the data of the operator, the department and the order number, the date 10/82, as well as an additional code "44157". This code identifies the "Retainer Trim Cover BC Post UPPER LH" component fitted to Rolls-Royce (Limousine, Silver Spirit and Silver Spur) and Bentley (Eight, Mulsanne and Turbo).

The condition of the box and the label are excellent considering its use, however, there are signs of aging on both objects that make them even more unique and beautiful.

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