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Panhard, Diecast Model Panhard Dyna Z12 Year 1957 Scale 1:43

Panhard, Diecast Model Panhard Dyna Z12 Year 1957 Scale 1:43

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Panhard, Panhard Dyna Z12 Grand Standing die-cast model year 1957 1:43 scale.

Panhard, founded in Paris in 1886 by René Panhard and Émile Levassor, was a French automobile manufacturer active in the production of cars, buses, trucks, vehicle components (the famous Panhard bar) and military vehicles. The Panhard & Levassor, name assumed since 1886, is among the companies that have made the history of the automobile, one of the oldest and most revolutionary of the automotive sector and was an independent company until 1965 when it bought by Citroën. Today, Panhard & Levassore is still active in the military vehicle sector under the name Panhard General Defense and is part of the larger AB Volvo industrial group. The Panhard Dyna X is a car produced by the car manufacturer Avenue d'Ivry from 1948 to 1953 and was born on the basis of the project developed in secret when the production plants were under Nazi control during World War II. Jean Panhard, grandson of the founder René, together with the engineer Jean-Albert Grégoire developed the project AFG (Aluminium français-Grégoire), a project that involved the production of a car entirely in aluminum and with innovative solutions for the time as the front wheel drive and mid-low end. The Panhard Dyna Z is, instead, a mid-range car produced by the French automaker from 1953 to 1959 born to replace the Panhard Dyna X. The construction of the Panhard Dyna Z takes its cue from the aerodynamic prototype called Dynavia and is based on the VLL project (Voiture Large Légére) directed by Paul and Jean Panhard, son and grandson of the founder René. The Panhard Dyna Z12 Grand Stand is a luxury sedan that entered production in 1957.

Plexiglass cover damaged as visible from photographs.

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