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Michelin, Michelin Guide Year 1967 France

Michelin, Michelin Guide Year 1967 France

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Michelin, the 1967 Michelin guide of France, the famous "little red guide" produced for the first time in 1899 by the Michelin brothers in Clermont-Ferrand.

The Michelin guide was conceived by the Michelin brothers, founders of the French tire company of the same name, to encourage motorists to travel and thus encouraging the sale of cars and tires, in France in 1899 there were just 3,000 cars. André and Edouard Michelin had the vision of creating a guide for motorists where they could collect useful information for traveling, lists of restaurants and hotels, also indicating their prices, maps and suggestions for replacement and correct tire pressure. Until 1920 the guide was distributed for free when, legend has it, André Michelin walked into a tire shop and seeing his beloved guides used as props for a workbench, he decided from that moment the guide would be sold and, thus, on. paid advertisements were abandoned and for the first time the "little red guide" contained a detailed list of restaurants and hotels in Paris. In the following years the restaurant sector played an increasingly important role for users of the guide, an importance that prompted the editorial staff of the Michelin guide to hire experts in the catering sector, the so-called "inspectors", who had the role of determining which restaurants were best to review on the red book, initially with a star. In 1936 the star rating system changed to introduce a hierarchical system of one, two or three Michelin stars. The star award system devised in 1936 is still used today to award only the best chefs in the world with the infamous Michelin stars.

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