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Magirus-Deutz, 1:43 Die Cast Scale Model Magirus-Deutz OM 90D, Mint Condition and Original Box

Magirus-Deutz, 1:43 Die Cast Scale Model Magirus-Deutz OM 90D, Mint Condition and Original Box

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Magirus-Deutz, 1:43 die-cast scale model Magirus Deutz OM 90D produced by Cursor-Modell in West Germany for Magirus-Deutz OM, 70s 80s.

Magirus Deutz was the modern denomination used from 1949 to 1983 by the German company of Ulm founded by Conrad Dietrich Magirus, inventor of a revolving staircase, the Magirus Leiter. The success and numerous requests of the revolving staircase model prompted Magirus to found the company Gebr Eberhardt offene Handels- und Kommanditgesellschaft with the Eberhardt brothers. The company's development was rapid and so the German company began to produce its own vehicles and also, in 1944, its own diesel engine with air cooler. In 1949, after the end of the war and the corporate reorganization, Magiurs-Deutz came to life which in 1983 then merged into the IVECO company, giving life to the production of OM vehicles marketed in Germany under the name Magirus-Deutz OM equipped with cooled Magirus engines air from 4.1l to 7.9l according to the total weight on the ground, from 50 to 100 quintals. The denomination also included a letter "D" or "M" and indicated the type of cab or rather identified which factory or alliance had produced the vehicle, the letter "D" identified the Ulm plant, the letter "M" indicated the vehicles produced by the alliance of the "Club of Four" (Saviem, Volvo, DAF and Magirus-Deutz). The Magirus-Deutz OM 90D model has its foundations in the Iveco OM ZETA range produced from 1977 to 1991 when it was replaced by the current IVECO Eurocargo range still produced today in the historic Ulm plant together with other IVECO models.

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