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Drive On

L. J. K. Setright, Libro Drive On - A Social History of the Motor Car, Copy No. 17, ISBN 0954258509

L. J. K. Setright, Libro Drive On - A Social History of the Motor Car, Copy No. 17, ISBN 0954258509

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"Drive On A Social History of the Motor Car" book, copy no. 17 of 250, by the authoritative automotive writer LJK Setright, which he himself signed and published by the equally authoritative publisher Palawan Press, in 2002.

L.J.K. Setright was an English writer and journalist born in London in 1931 and died in 2005, also near London, from parents of Australian origin, his father was the engineer who invented the Setright ticket machine used on buses and trams. After graduating with a law degree from the University of London, LJK briefly practiced law before becoming an automobile writer and journalist. Setright after a period as a writer for the engineering magazine Machine Age, in the early 1960s he officially became an automotive writer for Car Magazine, magazine with which he collaborated for about 30 years becoming one of the most authoritative automobile journalists. The writer has been highly prized by readers for his style, by some considered pompous and overly esoteric, while for others his cultured style and intrinsic engineering knowledge has contributed to the change of automotive gionalism, until then usually light and largely non-technical. LJK Setright was also a fan of Bristol Cars and Japanese automotive engineering, particularly Honda, as well as being a good clarinetist and avid smoker who caused his death from cancer in 2005.

The book, copy no.17 of 250 with quarter leather binding, hardcover and hard box, consists of 312 pages, contains over 300 color and black and white photographs and tells the social history of the car, from the origins to the time of publication of the book, giving particular emphasis to those aspects particularly dear to the author and that characterize the style of writing. The book is aimed at a public lover of the automotive sector and not, collectors, experts and neophytes.

Limited edition copy no.17 of 250

ISBN 0954258509

1 edition 2002 signed by the author

English language

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