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Original 1960s Road Sign Dangerous Crossing Anas Firenze 1960-1970

Original 1960s Road Sign Dangerous Crossing Anas Firenze 1960-1970

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Original road sign from the 1960s, indicating the "Dangerous Crossing" danger sign used by the "Anas" company of Florence in 1965, as reported by the rear stamp, produced by the "Signal" company.

Road signs appeared along Italian roads in the early 1900s on the initiative of a member of the Italian Touring Club (TCI), an association with the aim of promoting tourism in Italy. There are signs of what we might call road signs, however, date back to the times of the ancient Roman Empire when through stocks and milestones were indicated the distances between the various cities. This system was also used after the fall of the Empire and until around 1800 when the first road signs appeared to regulate cycling first and then for the car. In Italy the first road signs appeared when in 1935 TCI installed 3-meter-high Y-shaped posts with cast iron panels showing the indications of "Dangerous Descent", "Serious danger or prohibition" or "Direction Indication". In the following years the work started by the Touring Club continued, a commission was also instructed that would ensure greater visibility and quality of road signs, the "Automobil Club Italiano" when, were introduced three categories of signs that signaled "Dangers""Directions" or "Slowdowns" and then developed with addition of other categories in subsequent years. In 1949, after the end of the war, the Geneva Convention for the regulation of road traffic and road signs of the various states was signed. In Italy the convention was converted into Law in 1952 but its implementation took place only in 1959 when four categories of road signs were introduced that would have given "Warnings of Danger", "Warnings of Prohibition", "Warnings of Obligation" and "Reports of Indication".

The sign, in metal on the front and covered with fiberglass on the back, is in excellent condition considering its age and use. However, it has signs of aging and experience that make the object even more beautiful and unique.

Dimensions Height / Length / Thickness 77/90/1 cm

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