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Bentley, Genuine Leather Keychain with Bentley Embossed Logo.

Bentley, Genuine Leather Keychain with Bentley Embossed Logo.

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Bentley, black genuine leather keyring with embossed Cricklewood car manufacturer logo. The key ring, in like new condition, never used, belongs to the "Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars Collection" series made in the 1980s, as reported in the enclosed brochure.

Rolls-Royce, founded by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce in 1906, and Bentley Motor Ltd., founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley for all WO, two British car manufacturers characterized by luxury and reliability the former, luxury and sportiness the latter. . Their glorious and historic past was also animated by a heated and healthy rivalry, which Rolls-Royce ended in 1931 by buying the Bentley and saving it from bankruptcy. The purchase of the Bentley by Rolls-Royce took place with a secret offer that obliged the "British Central Equitable Trust" not to reveal, until the moment of the award, who had been presenting the offer and, from that day on. the Bentley star no longer reflected its own light but lived in the shadow of Rolls-Royce. It was only in 2003 that Bentley returned to shine with its own light with the presentation of the new Bentley Continental GT, the car that marked the rebirth and independence of the Cricklewood brand from its historic rival in Manchester.

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