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Agip, Tin Bottle of 1960 Agip BP Energol

Agip, Tin Bottle of 1960 Agip BP Energol

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Agip, tin bottle of 1960 Agip BP Energol with mixing cap for two-stroke engines.

AGIP, an acronym for Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli, was an Italian company active in the oil sector founded in 1926 to prevent the "Sinclair scandal" from improving and still operating under the name of ENI. The Siclair affair of 1924 was an agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development and the American oil company Sinclar, which was granted the right to oil exploration in Emilia Romagna and Sicily for about 40 years; The agreement also provided that a new company would be set up in which the Italian Ministry would have 40% of the share capital, 25% of the profits and Siclair, instead, would bear all the costs. This agreement was considered seriously damaging from the economic point of view and for the Italian energy independence and the opposition, led by Giacomo Matteotti and Luigi Sturzo, did not delay in showing their disappointment for the deal, so much so that there is a possible connection between the death of Matteotti on 10 June 1924 in Rome and a speech he should have been given two days later on the Siclair scandal. The death of Matteotti, however, did not stop the malaise of the opposition and the firm opposition to the implementation of the agreement signed with the Americans, and so in 1926 with the Royal Decree the Italian General Petroli Company was born.

Height 20 cm

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