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Matchbox Die-Cast Steam Roller 1:43 Scale Matchbox Collectibles

Matchbox Die-Cast Steam Roller 1:43 Scale Matchbox Collectibles

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Matchbox, die-cast Steam Roller 1:43 scale Matchbox Collectibles year 1992, with certificate of authenticity and box.

Lensney Products & Co. was an English company founded in 1947 in Tottenham by Leslie Smith (Les) and Rodney (Ney) Smith, operating in the field of industrial die-casting, to which was added a third partner, William Odell. Sales, unfortunately, were not as expected and, so, during the Christmas period of 1947, Lesney produced toys based on Dinky Toys, a compressor roller and a cement mixer, the two models had a huge success that pushed the English company to produce only toys from that moment on. The Matchbox brand, introduced only in 1954, replaced the Moko Lesney brand used for the distribution of Lesney products until 1959, and the name Matchbox, derives from the fact that the first models were sold in boxes equal to those of matches, boxes that in English is called "Matchbox". The company lived flourishing years that led it to become one of the largest producers of die-casting toys but with the then revolutionary introduction of Hotwheels, the company suffered a serious crisis that led it to bankruptcy. Today the Matchbox brand belongs to the American toy giant Mattel.

The model reproduced, from the Matchbox Collectibles series of 1992, is the exact reproduction of the compressor roller made by Lesney Products for the first flight in 1947.

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