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Ford, Diecast Metal Model Dinky Toys Ford GT 40 Racing Car Ref. 215 1:43 Scale

Ford, Diecast Metal Model Dinky Toys Ford GT 40 Racing Car Ref. 215 1:43 Scale

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Ford, Diecast Metal Model Dinky Toys Ford GT 40 Racing Car Ref. 215 year 1964, white color No. 7 and 1:43 scale.

The Ford GT 40 is one of the most famous sports cars produced by the American car manufacturer and historic rival of Ferrari with which it started the famous Ferrari-Ford "war". In 1962 the then president Henry Ford II decided that the company he directed would participate in car sports competitions, a decision that had never before been taken by the top management of the blue oval car manufacturer and which was taken when the president of Ford he realized the importance of sports competitions because the world's press gave much prominence to the victories of a small Italian car manufacturer compared to the attention given to the American giant and how Ferrari was appreciated and desired by motorists because it was recognized by all as the best sports car in the world. Entry into competitions was not as easy as expected and in 1963, Ford's top management decided that they would purchase the company  of "Cavallino Rampante" to make it their own sports department, but, however, the agreement was never reached because there was no agreement between Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari regarding the latter's sporting autonomy, thus giving rise to what would later be renamed the Ferrari-Ford war. The Ford GT 40 produced from 1964 to 1969 fits into the context of this sporting rivalry and its participation in races allowed Ford to acquire further importance thanks to the numerous successes and records achieved by the GT 40, records such as that of having been the first car to exceed the average speed of more than 200 km/h at the 24 of Le Mans in 1966, for example. The GT acronym indicates the denomination of "Gran Turismo" and 40 is the height from the ground to the windshield in inches, the height required by the regulations for participation in the GT World Championship, homologation never registered for the Ford GT 40.

Ref. 215

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